The facts that you need to know about Michael the archangel

In the Scriptures that give you the name of the two angels. Who played important roles in human history. This one of the two angels is Michael. You have not known all the names of all the angels. Which is the fact that he is called out by name in Scripture which is significant.

His name means “Who is like God”. And in the Bible, he is called “one of the chief princes” that is according to Daniel 10:13. And also according to Daniel 12:1 “the great prince”. Most of the angels in the Bible are described as messengers. He is described as fighting, contending, and standing against all principalities and evil spirits. He is mostly shown having a sword or bringing the scales of justice. In some paintings, especially in Renaissance, it shows that he is wearing armor. All these are symbols of his courage, truth, strength, and integrity. Michael is included in a ceaseless war. Which is against the forces of all evil. Michael is the most well-known example. That emerged when he cast Lucifer and other followers in heaven. How well do you know about Michael the archangel? You can read below for more information and you can use The Book of Michael to be certain.

Michael is a companion to departed souls

According to the Testament of Abraham. He told Abraham that he was going to die.  And Abraham asked God if he can see all the wonders in the world so he can die without regrets. Then Michael guides him by taking Abraham on a tour around the world. Later he took Abraham to compose himself for his death.

Michael is relying upon the Lord

Regardless of his great power, Michael is still relying on the Lord. He relies on the Lord’s power which is seen according to Jude 1:9. The virtuous angels have a rank and have an amenable authority. And this reason they are using a picture of a wife’s submission to her husband. If you take a reflection the strength of Michael is that submission to God is even more beautiful.

Michael conveys with Satan about Moses

Michael strictly opposes Satan. When Jude stated that Michael opposes Satan about the body of Moses. Yet they have no more detail about the argument. But Jude shared that Michael was not bold to announce a “railing judgment”. Yet he is having enough virtue biblical reference.