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Precautions need to take before consuming the drug

It is very important that one should take complete precautions before taking any medicine. You need to keep in mind many things before and after the medicine is prescribed. Taking this precaution will help both you and your doctor. Doctor will be aware what should not be prescribed for you. Once the doctor prescribes the medicine it always better to check with the doctor what you can consume and what you should not consume during the period of medication. For Adderall drug also you need to take few precautions.

  • It is always advice to explain the doctor complete medical history of the patient. This will help the doctor to advice you with proper medication. For example if you are taking some other medicines than the doctor can decide how much of dosage should be given so that it will not conflict with other medicines.
  • You should also explain the doctor clearly regarding your discomfort. Else doctor may not be able to advice you the correct medication. And you will also not get complete relief from your discomfort.
  • There are few medicines which get interact with other substances taken by you. That is why it is very important that you understand about all those things before you start the medicine. For example the Adderall should not be taken with few herbs and supplements like vitamin C and serotonin.


  • The foods which you should avoid while taking the adderall drug are fruit juices as they will decrease the level of medicine absorption in your body, which may lead to less effectiveness of the medicine.
  • You should not consume and drinks which contains caffeine. It is advised to stop intake of large amount of caffeine products while you are on medication. That does not mean that you cannot drink coffee at all, you can drink but in limits.
  • There are some medicines which you should not take while taking some drugs, so talk to the doctor clearly before starting the medicine.
  • Always make sure that you adhere to the schedule so that the medicine will work properly and in case you do not follow the schedule provided by the doctor than the chances of the disease getting worst is more. No one would like to face such situation, so it better to take precaution before it is too late.


Hope you will keep all the above mentioned points in mind and take your medicines with all precaution and get well soon.